Wedding in Sestri Levante, wedding photographer in Genoa, Liguria

International wedding in the town of Sestri Levante, not far from Genoa, on the shore of the Ligurian Sea. The morning preparation of the bride was held at the Grand Hotel dei Castelli, where the wedding banquet was held in the evening. The bride was very gentle,charm and beautiful, like a real princess. After the bridal stylist arrived from Genoa has prepared the bride, we managed to make several portraits in the hotel garden, and then arrived the groom with guests, and our bride ran upstairs, so that no one saw her before the wedding. Together with the groom and guests, we went on foot to the municipality of Sestri Levante, and the bride was brought there on the chic Jaguar. After the civil wedding ceremony in the municipality of Sestri Levante, everyone returned to the hotel, where an aperitif for the guests was already prepared in the garden. Before sunset, guests were invited to descend to a large terrace above the sea, where a gorgeous wedding dinner took place and, in fact, passed the bulk of the wedding; and in this time, we with the newlyweds ran away from the guests to take some photos before sunset, in the hotel park and on the path carved into the rock above the sea. The photo session turned out to be very short, only for twenty minutes, but we managed to make some beautiful photos at sunset. After the newlyweds returned to the guests, a wedding dinner began, in the intervals between the serving of the dishes the newlyweds and their guests uttered speeches full of jokes and laughter, recalled the story of their acquaintance, and their daughter presented a beautiful melody to her mother and father. The wedding was very fun, noisy Italians joked and laughed a lot, the foreign guests enjoyed the Italian cuisine and the beautiful panorama, opened from the terrace of the restaurant to the sea and the coastal cliffs till Genoa, to the night city tipical for Liguria, illuminated by the lights ...

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