Wedding in Positano and Sorrento, wedding photographer in Sorrento

Picturesque seascapes of the Bay of Naples with a view of Vesuvius, the Sorrento coast, drowning in flowers, the colorful typical architecture of Positano, residential quarters clinging to a steep rock, with narrow streets steeply descending to the seashore, an embankment, dotted with fishing boats and luxurious yachts .. These special places, sung by folk Neapolitan songs, often served as a backdrop for the filming of famous classical Italian movies, this wedding was held here. Our shooting turned out to be exclusively reportage, because the wedding day was planned incorrectly (which depended not on me), but the beauty of these places still redeems this flaw of photo shooting. Morning preparations of the bride and groom were held in a hotel in Sant Agata-sui-due-Golfi, and then we with the bride and her father set off on a retro car to the cathedral in Positano, where was held the Catholic wedding ceremony. After the ceremony, we went down to the beach, for five minutes only, to take a couple of pictures, and then we went to Sorrento, where the guests were already waiting for newlyweds, and where held a wedding reception, in a restaurant with open panoramic terrace over the Tirrenian sea.

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