Symbolic wedding ceremony in Piedmont, wedding photographer Italy

A wonderful beautiful couple and their guests came, on my advice, to us - to the wine zone of Lange - Roero - Monferrato, located in the Italian region of Piedmont, famous for the production of some of the best and most expensive wines in the world - Barolo, Barbaresco, Nebbiolo; collecting black and white truffles and exquisite Piemontese cuisine; and its truly beautiful landscapes, in the Lange region - the same as in Tuscany, hills covered with vineyards, and adorned with medieval castles; the hills of Monferrato are covered with forests, and outwardly very different from the hills of the Lange zone. We chose a cozy two-storey apartment in agriturismo for the guests, in the countryside surrounded by vineyards, where in the garden, with the participation of the wedding stylist, were arranged the bride's preparations. We have sent the groom and his friend to ride around the neighborhood. We photographed the bride's portraits, and then, upon the return of the groom, a symbolic wedding ceremony took place in the agriturismo garden, against the background of the hills and the medieval castle. Then we went to the photo session first in Pollenzo, built by the ancient Romans, and then in Grinzano Cavour, for a walk and photo shoot in the vineyards and in medieval castle.

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