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Lake Como is one of the attractions of Lombardy and of northern Italy. Magnificent lake, a miracle of nature and architecture, framed by cozy villages and small towns, flaunting against the background of stunning mountain scenery. Lake Como, which has a length of 27 kilometers, is located 40 kilometers north of Milan, at the border with Switzerland, and serves as a popular holiday destination for foreign tourists; many people dream to buy here a villa or at least an apartment .  Such celebrities as Madonna, Matthew Bellamy, Sylvester Stallone, Ronaldinho and many others have the villas on the shores of Lake Como.

Villa del Balbianello is located in the most extreme point of Cape Dosso di Lavedo peninsula, in the city of Lenno, in one of the most charming and isolated corners of Lake Como. The villa was built by Cardinal Angelo Maria Durini in 1787 on the ruins of an ancient monastery of Franciscan monks as a "place for enjoyment." At the villa, the Cardinal planned to gather friends and discuss in a close circle works of art and literature. Here everything had a romantic and philosophical mood - terraces with hedges, exotic plants, the walls of the villa, covered by green, and a beautiful view of Lake Como. Not for nothing that Villa del Balbianello is called the most romantic place of Lake Como. Villa Balbianello includes two residential palazzos, a chapel and an open terrace overlooking the small pier, from where a steep staircase directly from the water leads to the entrance of the villa's park.

Also Villa Balbianello is known for the fact that one of the "Star Wars" episodes and the film "Casino Royal" were shot here, so this villa is very popular among young couples, as the wedding venue on Lake Como.

As usual, I organized and I photographed this wonderful wedding.

The bride asked me to organize their wedding on Lake Como, and we began to choose a suitable municipality for an official marriage registration on the coast of Lake Como. As a result, we stopped at the city, one of the few on Lake Como, where they still register marriages between foreign citizens for free.

On the day of the wedding, I came to the couple in their loft in the morning, where the wedding stylist, make-up artist had already prepared the bride, creating for her a gentle romantic image in the style of the 60's. We walked to the municipality on foot, where the guests were already waiting for us, and went to the ceremony hall. After the wedding ceremony, we strolled along with the guests to the embankment, and then went on a fast water taxi to Villa Balbianello for a wedding photo session in the villa and in the park. After visiting the villa, we climbed the funicular high above the city, from where the terrace of the restaurant offers a magnificent view of Lake Como from above, and where the wedding dinner and celebration took place at sunset.

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