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This wonderful couple from Siberia decided to celebrate their silver wedding in Italy, as they fell in love with this country many years ago and often come here with their children.

Initially, the couple asked me about a photo shoot in Rome to make a silver wedding anniversary memorable, but I persuaded them to celebrate the event more extensively by preparing a symbolic wedding ceremony in city of Romeo and Juliet, in Verona, a ceremony held according to all the rules, with confirmation of the vow given once upon a time each other, vows in eternal love and fidelity, in the beautiful historical hall of the Cappella of Notaries in the Palazzo della Ragione palace in Verona.

I ordered a beautiful bouquet for the bride and brought him with me from Turin to Verona, from the hotel we went to the ceremony together with my couple and their children.

The ceremony was very emotional, was held by municipality employee, a very beautiful Italian woman, she readed the text with accompanement of the magical live violin's music, and I simultaneously translated her words into Russian and photographed. At the conclusion of the ceremony, the children congratulated and thanked their parents for creating such a happy family, and then we went to a short photo session to Castelvecchio Castle.

A reportage from this symbolic wedding can be viewed in the album

Symbolic wedding ceremony in Verona, wedding photographer Verona