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The story of love and tenderness, told by me in photos. Post-wedding photo shooting for Olga and Cyrill on the island of Sardinia during their honeymoon. The beach and the red rocks near the town of Arbatax and the fabulously beautiful white sandy beaches of Sardinia, the turquoise gentle sea of Sardinia, the honeymoon in beautiful and amazing Italy, the most beautiful country in the world ...

Arbatax is a small port city on the east coast of the beautiful island of Sardinia, famous for its Red Rocks. The seabed of the Arbatax Bay is covered with white and red large boulders. High red reefs, protruding from the water and ascending to the sky, give the beach a very unusual look. Here, the first part of our photo shooting took place, and then we drove about 20 km to the place of the second part of the photo shoot - the white beaches of Cala Gonone, a paradise place, exuding the beauty of its beaches with white sand even against the beautiful beaches of Sardinia.

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