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In the previous article about wedding photo books, I talked about all the details of making a quality album.

Today I would like to show the finished full result of my work as a wedding photographer, ie what finished product can I offer you:

- a basic version of a wedding album (photo book) by size of 30x30 cm (60х30 cm when opened), any options for performing the album, any type of cover, size, etc. are possible.

- a box for storing an album, with silk ribbons

- two exact mini-copies of the main album (photo books for parents), size 21x21 cm

- as a nice gift - the author's box with satin ribbons for storing a pen drive with recorded digital photos and printed photos, which is additionally packed in a gift bag with satin handles.

I prepared all this set for my Italian newlyweds Sofia and Daniele from the city of Alba in Piedmont.