What style of photography do you practice? 

My style in wedding photography is the weeding report that I dilute with art and staging frames.I want to tell you about your main day so that


Do you take pictures of details and decor? Your history in the photos look more natural and motional as possible.

My test is to tell your history with photos ,therefor I can’t to guarantee that all the numerous invited will be present at the services. If you want the classical photos with your parents, friends and great-aunts tel me know about it before the service and I’ll do it. 


Do you take pictures of  décor and details? 

Necessarily! When prepairing the wedding you invested a lot of timeand money in decoration of the feast,and I too like to capture all the details and little things because it's very beautiful and mentally. Necessarily tell me befor the wedding about some the sighnificant detail for you and I'll do it. 


Is there the real wedding  when it's important to have the second photographer? You have numerous of invited persons and you want to have the fuller memories as possible with photos? You'd like to have photos from the morning  routines of the bride and the groom?

In this case (and not only in this one) you'l need the second photographer. You can recieve the story about your wedding more full and more spontaneuos and different shots when at your wedding work two photographers: two different  views,two different points of survey (that helps too much when shooting of the ceremony, throwing of the bouquet relax, in one hour you’ll be accustomed to me and to the camera. Then you can simply enjoy with your fairytale day and forget about my presence. not only in this one) 


Can you suggest video service for us? 

I don’t make video myself, but I advise to you an excellent  operator. 


How many photos we’ll receive  eventually? 

After the every wedding I have near 1000 captured footage, after  the selection and treatment of the material I give you near 300-400-500 treatment photos, it ‘ll be practically all the photos with the exception of the doubles ( the same footage). My work is not to shoot and give numerous photos, but to tell about the event that you waited and that you’ll remember then looking at your story made by me,  which I put in hole my soul, talent and skill. 


How much time will you present at the wedding? 

I am present  at the wedding  during  all the day, from the beginning of preparing  of the bride untill the midnight. If my presence  will be need more then 12 hours, we always can  agree on  additional hours for a small remuneration. 


What  type of cameras do you use? 

Nikon D800 x 2 professional digital camera with full-frame sensor with a resolution of 36,3 megapixels ,with professional luxury optics by Nikon. 


When must we book your services? 

The earlier it's better. If you want to merry on Saturday it’s better to book 6 -8 months befor the wedding. 


How to book your services? 

After asking my employment at your date you can discuss with me all the conditions by email and make a prepayment. If it’s possible I’d prefer a personal meeting that to have the possibility to     explain to you the style of my work, survey and show printed photos. 


Where are you based? 

 I'm based in province of Turin, but I work in different cities of Italy: Milan, Verona, Venice, Florence, Genoa, Rome, Perudgia, Naples, etc., the islands Sicily, Sardinia. Also I go for the work to the countries of Europe. In my blog you can see the services in different regions of Italy. 


The cost of travel expenses? 

Already included in the price specified by me. 


How much time do you need to give us the ready material? 

To satisfy customers’ curiosity during  the first week after your wedding I put a short story of your wedding in my blog with the most interesting 30 – 40 photos .All the material I give in  2 – 4  months in addiction of the workload.


Does it irritate you when the guests also take pictures? 

No, it doesn’t, if during the ceremony nobody sends direct flash in my eyes, if the guests with their mobiles will give me the possibility to do my work will not be beating me down and trample underfoot ))) 


What kinds of albums do you suggest? 

I can suggest as a photobook so a classical album and if you wish the album FINE ART. In the process of the conversation we’ll discuss this term and I send to you the cataloq with the covers, and information about the size and costs. 


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